Where Bob Stands

I have heard your complaints. Council leadership has failed in communicating with the citizens. We need to listen to you and communicate better with you. It is my intention when I am elected to completely revamp how the mayor communicates with you. I will hold regular office hours at City Hall so you can meet with me. I will increase the amount of chances to engage with me, whether it’s monthly coffees or other events so you can let me know your concerns.

Keep Dover an Affordable Place to Live
Dover is a great city, and more and more people are discovering this. We are seeing new housing being built all over the community. We need to make sure that people aren’t left behind, that people can still afford to live here. We need to make sure that the housing being built is being built for everyone, from those who can afford luxury to those who are just starting off to those who are looking to slow down.

We need to Continue to Build Consensus to Move Dover Forward
Day after day we see politicians on both sides at the federal and state level hurling insults and not taking care of the job we sent them there to do. We cannot do this here in Dover. We need to be open and transparent, receiving input from the people of this community. Dover is changing at a rapid pace. We need to make sure we have everyone involved in the decision-making process.

Improve Infrastructure and Roads in the City
The City has been investing in numerous projects to make sure it is ready for the future. We need to continue to do so. Some of our roads in our neighborhoods are in bad shape. While we have a comprehensive plan to address this, it takes time and funding. As mayor, I will work to make sure we continue to revise and improve the plan each year and will work to continue funding these improvements at reasonable levels.

Maintain the highest Quality of Education
Dover has some of the best education facilities in the State. We have invested in our buildings to make sure our students have the best schools to learn. Now we need to invest in the education. We need to make sure our teachers are getting the right tools for our kids to grow.

Ensure the Highest Levels of Police and Fire Protection
Dover is a safe city to live in. We need to make sure we continue to support our firefighters and police officers. This means providing them the tools that are necessary to protect our people and our resources, including training and education.

Dover is now the ‘youngest’ city in the State. We have worked hard to make sure Dover is a vibrant and exciting place to live – but we need to make sure we take care of our seniors as well. We need to make sure we do not price them out of their homes. We need to review our tax structure and make sure our exemptions are fair for our older citizens in the community.

We know it is difficult for our oldest residents to get around to doctor appointments and shopping. We need to work to improve transportation options for our seniors to get to around.

The success of Dover has brought along growing pains. We know there are issues with parking in town. We need to address this by looking at our current parking regulations and our parking stock. Before we invest in another facility, we need to make sure we are using our current spaces correctly.

With our growth, we need to be good stewards of our environment. We must work to increase open space and increase our community trails to allow our citizens to enjoy it.